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D&L TwinSync Engine Synchronizer

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Down and Locked (Formerly WIKE R/C) TwinSync Engine Synchronizer.

What could be better than the sound of a well tuned engine running?--- Two engines running in SYNC!!

The TwinSync Synchronizer allows twin engine airplanes to keep the engines running at the same RPM and produce that unique sound when engines are synchronized in flight. The TwinSync does NOT operate on the Master/Slave principal and has a very fast reaction time to engine speed changes--commanded or otherwise--NO lag in maintaining sync.

Engine RPM information is supplied by easily installed Hall Effect Sensors.

The TwinSync has a unique safety feature that brings the running engine immediately to idle in the event that one engine stops with no change in throttle stick.

This feature prevents loss of control when one engine stops while flying the model. The pilot can regain control of the idling engine by simply moving the throttle stick to idle. Control is then returned to the throttle stick and the pilot has full control.

The TwinSync has another safety feature to kill both engines if the loss of transmitter signal is detected on a FM radio system. This feature operates similar to how PCM transmitters and receivers operate. If a PCM radio is used with the TwinSync it will operate as normal and the TwinSync has no impact on PCM failsafe operation.

The TwinSync has several additional modes of operation adding capabilities beyond just keeping the engines synchronized. These modes are detailed in the TwinSync manual.

POWER Consumption: 15mA + 15mA per LED that is on 100mA Maximum
Average current draw is 50-75mA (LED indicators mostly)
Operating Voltage: 4.0-12.0 volts
Servo Outputs: 5-2.5 us PWM, 40 fps (1.0-2.0us factory defaults) 0-3.3V output
Throttle input: 25-80 fps 0.5-2.5 us PWM (1.0-2.0us factory defaults) 0V to 2.0-5.0V peak-peak
RPM Acuracy: 100 rpm @23,000 and 10 rpm at 5,000
Syncronization accuracy: 25-130 RPM depending on programming and servo geometry
Unit weight is 60grams

Made in USA - Manufactured by Down and Locked USA (Formerly WikeR/C)

Click here to download the TwinSync manual.

Click here to download the TwinSync QuickStart Guide.

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